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Your Other Design and Development Group

ABRO Resources is an electronic design and consulting company that specializes in assisting others in the development of electronic devices and systems. We provide a wide range of services including, but not limited to printed circuit board design, embedded computing and complete system solutions. Our extensive experience in a variety of electronic designs can provide you with practical solutions to complex problems.

Many of our clients simply need an electronic design to complement an existing or new product, which does not justify the hiring of additional personnel. Other clients may require electronics to perform a totally new function. ABRO provides the solution to these situations by performing the design along with design documentation and testing. The design and documentation becomes the property of our clients.

It has been our experience that many companies and individuals lack design talent in certain disciplines, especially for new or different product developments. This situation is often remedied by the hiring of additional staff with uncertain competence or team compatibility. If all goes well this could create the problem of what to do with this additional staff once the new design is completed.


With no on-going development planned, a staff reduction is inevitable after a sizable investment to acquire the additional staff. ABRO fills this need by providing the required resources to develop your design with relative ease.

Another interesting aspect of our business growth is in the area of legacy equipment support. This has all come about as a result of relatively large systems that are reaching the end of their usable life. Careful review of the total system may reveal that a particular subsystem is the root of the problem. Thus, replacement of the faulty subsystem will extend the life of the total system. The subsystem replacement often results in a more efficient system as newer electronics allow for lower power requirement, increased functionality and smaller size.

Sampling of Completed Designs

  • Large Antenna Pedestal Control and Monitoring
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Entry Control and Security Subsystems
  • Remote Lighting Control
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Data Acquisition and Processing
  • Engine Airflow Sensing
  • Data Multiplexing and Fiber Optic
  • Conversion
  • Automated Test Equipment


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