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Current Company Profile  

Legacy System Support
As government funding decreases for new system development and implementation, it is vital that current systems remain operable. This in itself can create a daunting challenge because of the age of current support equipment and the availability of replacement parts, not to mention a detailed understanding of the current equipment. ABRO Resources is involved in the design of retrofit units that consist of current electronic technology to satisfy older performance requirements, thus extending the useable life of legacy systems. In most cases, enhanced performance, improved reliability and lower cost of ownership is achieved as a result of the retrofit design. ABRO Resources also addresses the needs of industrial and commercial communities that face like issues for well-designed products that are no longer compatible with newer technology.

New Designs
ABRO Resources is involved in specialized automotive electronics, security systems, alternative power, and remote monitoring and control systems just to name a few. We pride ourselves in providing practical solutions to complex problems by applying the proper mix of experience and technology. In today’s environment of ever increasing administrative tasks being performed by the existing engineering pool, we provide true backroom product development based on
customer requirements and input.

Our approach to supporting these engineering pools has proven to provide a more effective and efficient means by which to satisfy total program requirements.

Consulting Services
Many of our clients only need assistance in filling a technology gap in areas that don’t justify the staffing of engineering personnel in the required discipline. Other clients are short-staffed and require a quick reaction team to develop a new electronic product. While others don’t have a clue as to what is possible or how electronics might solve a multitude of problems in their product idea. A good example is a design that we recently performed to retrofit a mechanical engine airflow measurement system with a totally electronic unit. This resulted in the reduction of cost, weight and provided an additional 30 horsepower, while avoiding mechanical failures in the measurement system.We provide engineering consulting services for companies requiring product enhancement or new product development. Services can range from conceptual designs to full product development. Our goal is to assist our clients in reaching their goal. We are good at what we do and won’t hesitate to turn down jobs if they are not in our area of expertise. Our track record remains unblemished and we work hard to keep it that way.

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