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Company History  

ABRO Resources was formed in June of 1993 by Will Gordon to address the needs of existing companies wishing to exploit the benefits of embedded digital electronics. Mr. Gordon had gained several years of in depth experience in the field of Aircraft and Missile ground support systems in a time when digital electronics was becoming of age. He was fortunate to be involved in the beta testing and development of one of the first true 16-bit microprocessors. The Motorola MC68000 was the processor that played a huge roll in the start of embedded processors and marked the beginning of the microprocessor replacing standalone mini-computers. It was this development that allowed true realization of embedded processing where the compute element became closely coupled to input/output devices in relatively large and complex electronic systems. Thus, this involvement provided a wealth of knowledge relating to the development and implementation concepts to satisfy complex designs requirements. The MC6800 proved its worth by becoming the main processing element in the design of the first multi-processor system

for use at Vandenberg Air Force Base to centrally ingest and simultaneously process multiple range sensors.

As the microprocessor/microcontroller technology matured, ABRO Resources developed ever increasing applications utilizing these devices. Early contracts consisted of mainly retrofitting then current machines and subsystems with microelectronics to realize better efficiency and performance. As the industry matured so did our engineering support, to the point of providing complete systems.

Maintaining a strong conviction to multi-processor designs, distributive processing became second nature. This philosophy led to the development of very elaborate systems. Although these systems can be viewed as relatively complex the actual design can be considered relatively simple.

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